ALBUM: J. Cole – ‘K.O.D.’

J. Cole releases new album ‘K.O.D.’

J. Cole’s fifth album K.O.D. (which stands for Kids On Drugs, King Overdosed and Kill Our Demons) is officially out now. The sole two features on it both come from a rapper called kiLL Edward, which if you haven’t heard by now, is just an alias of Cole’s. Well, more like an later ego it seems.

Track List:

1) ‘Intro’
2) ‘K.O.D.’
3) ‘Photograph’
4) ‘The Cut Off’ (Feat. kiLL Edward)
5) ‘ATM’
6) ‘Motiv8’
7) ‘Kevin’s Heart’
8) ‘Brackets’
9) ‘Once An Addict’ (Interlude)
10) ‘Friends’ (Feat. kiLL Edward)
11) ‘Window Pain’ (Outro)
12) ‘1985’ (Intro to The Fall Off)

Stream the J. Cole – ‘K.O.D.’  LP in its entirety below.


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