The Weeknd Previews XO & Bape Collaboration

The Weeknd reveals teasers for XO & Bape Collaboration

The Weeknd reveals teasers for XO & Bape Collaboration

The Weeknd and Bape seem to have a collaboration coming soon, as he revealed a glimpse of what’s to come on social media. The singer shared a photo of a garment that has Bape and XO’s logo on it. “A Bathing Ape… XO… Til We Overdose,” the piece of clothing reads. He captioned the photo, “coming soon.” There’s yet to be any more details on when it’ll come but if it’s anything like his past clothing collaborations, it’s bound to be fire.

The Weeknd might be predominantly known for his music but he’s proven that he could do much more than sing. Over the course of his career, he’s done much more than just music and expanded his creativity into fashion as well. He’s collaborated with high end designers such as Alexander Wang and Futura for exclusive clothing collections and the XO brand’s merchandising can damn-well be called a clothing line at this point. He’s also collaborated with Puma as well as H&M until he cut ties with the company. Today, he took to Instagram to share a glimpse of a new collaboration XO has in the works.

coming soon

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While The Weeknd’s XO brand has expanded into fashion, it has also dived into other avenues as well. Two weeks a go, the singer’s “Starboy” comic book with Marvel came out online with the physical copies expected to hit stores in June.

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