APK GAME: Last Day on Earth: Survival 1.6.2 MOD Free Craft/Unlimited Coins

Check out the new Last Day on Earth: Survival 1.6.2 MOD with Free Craft/Unlimited Coins

You are downloading Last Day on Earth Latest MOD APK. Dive into post apocalyptic wasteland atmosphere, full of dangers and threats. Control a group of survivors, expand and fortify your settlements. Group with your friends to survive.

Feel an absolute freedom while building your base. Research new technologies, upgrade your weapons and participate in battles for control over resources. Survive at all costs.. by yourself or in large group of allies!


Free Crafting

Unlimited Gold Coins – add coin every time using coin (On Map, Reset Skill, Buy XP boost)
Unlimited Craft and Build Materials – You can craft/build without having the resources (wood/stone etc)
Unlimited Skill Points – increase
Max Durability

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