Drake’s Mother Responds to His Beef with Pusha T

Drake’s Mother Responds to Beef with Pusha T, says  “They’re Too Grown Up For That” – Read More

TMZ paps caught Drake’s mother Sandi Graham leaving Delilah in West Hollywood with a few ladies where they asked her opinion on the much talked about beef.

“They’re too grown up for that,” she first says about the feud.

She doesn’t exactly mention that she supports her son’s choice not to respond to Pusha, but she’s confident that Drake will do what’s best in the situation.

“I believe he always makes the best decisions in the end,” she said.

Watch the footage below.

Drake’s mom isn’t the first family member who has commented on the beef. A few days ago, the paparazzi met his father, Dennis Graham in West Hollywood. “I don’t know Pusha-T,” he responded when asked about the beef. “I don’t know anything about anybody named Pusha-T. If I did, I would push their T.”

Drake may not be entirely done with the beef — he will reportedly be delivering some kind of a response on his upcoming album Scorpion which hits stores June 29.