Real Madrid Vs Liverpool UEFA 2018 Finals Full Match Highlights

Real Madrid Wins UEFA Champions League Game for 2018 – See Full Match Highlights.

It was a game to remember as Real Madrid tramps on english team Liverpool at the UEFA champions league 2018 final match, Real Madrid has therefore set yet another record as the only team to have won the UEFA 3 consecutive times.

The match started off cool for Liverpool until their key play Mohammed sallah sustained a serious injury courtesy of Sergio Ramos, his fans thinks his injury contributed to the demoralization of the rest of the players, all of a sudden Benzema came through with a goal as a result of a terrible mistake from the Liverpool goal keeper making the match 1 – 0, Liverpool came back strong almost immediately with a beautiful goal from Mane. High hopes where shattered after Real Madrid made a quick substitution that changed the day, Coach Zidane brought in Bale which ended up topping one goal to Real Madrid and sealing the championship with a beautiful goal from the far yard.

It was a moment to remember forever, Congratulations Real Madrid, you are 2018 Champions. See Full Match Highlights below and feel free to share your thoughts on the cut below…

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