Top 5 Tracks That sold Out “Nasty C”

Nasty C is the Next Big thing from Africa, see why?

Young South African rapper, songwriter and record producer “Nsikayesizwe David Jr Ngcobo” born 11 February 1997 popularly know as “Nasty C” is no doubt the youngest Kid with the biggest Hip-Hop music talent to emerge from Africa, over the decade he’s being taking his time slow dropping hit singles which surprisingly has being taking over the internet after each release.

So many Huge South African artistes have being giving credits to this kid’s music, one of the most surprising coment we got was in an interview with multiple award winning rapper “cassper Nyovest” where he made it known to slikour saying Nasty C Inspired his rap music and i just seem to wonder how, you can stream below..

as a result of this the curiosity about knowing what’s making this kid this special began to build n the heart of youths, the interview with Sway in the morning was actually what got attention to this kid from South Africa where he displayed an amazing freestyle session live in the awesome, it was like hearing Kendrick Lamar or Sean Rap, so we decided to give you a lay down review on what we feel must have made the young Hip Hop head this important to South African music, we are going to be briefing on his Top 10 singles, and how viral it went,

  1. Nasty C – Juice Back (featuring Davido, Cassper Nyovest),

Now This track is an awesome track, this track i must say in the the one track that sold out this kid, although he has some big names in it but the kid made sure he gave in his best on the track, his verses where no match with what others gave on this song, it wasn’t like i was seeing a kid rap, it was he’s being rapping from his mother’s womb. The track went as viral as raking over 1.9million views on youtube and still counting, the audio has recorded over 4million downloads and still counting, stream this visual below..

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  1. Nasty C – NDA

Now this is a track from his recently released “Bad Hair” album, this track impressed South Africans, this track is raking almost a million views on youtube and still counting, from his stage performance i think 70% of his fans knows every line on this track, its a very hot single which has sold out Massively, “Man This kid is Rich” check this song out below..

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  1. Nasty C – UOK

UOK is a song written and dedicated to his late mother, the track is actually emotional, he really poured out his heart to his mum, letting her know where ever she is “everything is ok” letting her know how successful he’s become, this track is also dedicated to everyone that have lost their mothers, you just have to be strong and make her proud. In the video there is a note written to his mum and it says

“I spent so much time looking for a piece of you in everything & Everyone you left behind, Till i realized the first place i would have looked was in my heart, I Love You Angel”

This is another song that has sold out this kid to the rest of the world, the track is raking almost a million views on youtube, check out this track below

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  1. Nasty C – Switched Up

Another track on this list is “Switched Up” his official single, this track actually shook South Africa, i was going through one comment from his fans about track on a website and the fan said

“the first time i had this track i was shedding tears, i didn’t even know i was until my friend asked me why i was crying, i couldn’t explain myself, i’m very proud be from South Africa because of you”

Now that is some serious comment right there, maybe you should check out this track yourself below..

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  1. Nasty C – Hell Naw

Should i call this an inspirational song or a motivational track but any which way it goes, its a song for hustlers and dream chasers, on this track the young rap head talks about what he has gone through on his journey to fame, this is a track every kid in SA loves so much because he made them feel he;s not a god, he’s just a hard working kid just like them, see this visual below..

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There more hit tracks from this kid, you can follow him for more tracks below


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