Bali Baby – Amber Alert

Bali Baby releases new single “Amber Alert” – Download Mp3

Bali Baby is fresh off of releasing one of the most unique projects of the year with Baylor Swift, a heel turn in sound that brings the sugary pop-punk side out of the rapper and filtering it through Chicken’s otherworldly production techniques. Baylor Swift is but one of many personalities Atlanta’s Bali has been known to take on, and the third she’s named a mixtape after. Brazy Bali, perhaps her best-known incarnation is a snarling, confrontational side that takes no shit and possesses one of the most unmistakeable flows in recent memory.

On “Amber Alert,” that’s exactly what we’re hearing, as Bali, still unsigned, but growing more popular by the day, takes on a minimal, bass-heavy beat where she swings right back into her braggy quips, packed into a constantly swelling triplet rhythm. She’s also always one to take the most surprising route with her punchlines (“spreading, like it’s some cancer”). Whatever her next project may be, we know Brazy Mali is here to stay.

Listen to Bali Baby – Amber Alert Below…

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