LeBron James & Kevin Durant – ‘It Ain’t Easy’

LeBron James & Kevin Durant releases long awaited song ‘It Ain’t Easy’ – Download Mp3

The two star players hit the studio together during the 2011 NBA lockout and recorded a song called ‘It Ain’t Easy’. A snippet of the track had been floating around for a while and there were talks in the circles that the full song exists somewhere. When the song was recorded, James was preparing for his second season with the star-studded Miami Heat while Durant’s career was only four seasons old.

“Kevin Durant & Lebron James Came to Spider studios based out of Cleveland OH to record. The original beat was a industry instrumental and could not be used for media. So Franky Wahoo & StewBillionaire redid the production around there original vocals The song was planned to go on NBA 2K19 but never did . Here is the secret song everyone has been waiting for,” says the producer who made the song available. This is a throwback sound that sounds pretty dope to hear in this day and age.

Listen to LeBron James & Kevin Durant – ‘It Ain’t Easy’ Below…

DOWNLOAD MP3: LeBron James & Kevin Durant – ‘It Ain’t Easy’

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